Date: October 31, 2014

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This season’s PLATILLOS



Our bravas potatoes                                                                                                6 (v, gf, km0)

hot tomato sauce, vegan allioli, red onion and chive


Parsnip chips                                                                                                                       6 (vo, gf)

sugarcane honey and goat cheese


Hummus of fava beans                                                                                          8 (v, gfo, km0)

shiitake mushrooms, sorrel pesto and almonds


Croquettes of Catalan-style spinach (with pine-nuts and sultanas) 4 un.                8 (v, gf, km0)

roasted garlic allioli


Cream of celery soup with Prat artichoke chips                                                     7.50 (v, gf, km0)

hazelnut pesto and almond milk foam


Miso broth, root vegetables, smoked tofu and prunes                                                       7.50 (v, gf)

fried rice noodles


Escarole, fennel, orange, black olive and fried tofu salad                                      8 (v, gf, km0)

soy yogurt and lemon sauce


Catalan buffalo mozzarella                                                                                    9 (gf, km0)

sweet potato and lime cream, green beans, endives


Marinated pumpkin and tempeh carpaccio                                                             8.50 (v, gf, km0)

black sesame and mustard leaves


Tacos of corn flour with cream of black beans and huitlacoche                            7.50 (v, gf)

guasacaca of avocados from Granada, red onion and grilled lime


Trinxat (typical mash) of potatoes and espigall cabbage                                         8 (v, gf, km0)

chili, Galician seaweed mayo and capers


Roasted autumn vegetables and tubers                                                                   8 (v, gfo, km0)

thyme oil, romesco sauce


Baked chesnut mushrooms                                                                                     10 (v, gf, km0)

red cabbage and hazelnut pesto, seed cracker, black garlic oil


Our artichokes                                                                                                         8 (vo, gf, km0)

Jerusalem artichokes and Reus hazelnuts


‘Rossejat’ of rice-shaped pasta                                                                                            9 (v)

plancton and horn of plenty mushrooms


Hand made organic tagliatelle                                                                                            14 o ½ portion 9 (km0)

sauce of Prat artichoke and licorice


Risotto of Grumolo delle Abbadesse rice, pumpkin and sage                                             14 o ½ portion 9 (vo, gf)

saffron sauce and Gran Kinara cheese


Our cheese selection                                                                                                          12 (gfo, km0)

three local organic raw milk artisanal cheeses (150gr)


Bread with tomato                                                                                                  3 (v, km0)

Oleum Flumen oil of organic arbequina olive                                                                             gluten free 4 (v, gf)

Dear customer, our staff will be happy to help you choose the best dish related to any specific food

allergy or intolerance issue.

Some of the dishes may not be available during lunch hours.

Rasoterra is a vegetarian and vegan bistrot certified as 0 miles by Slow Food.
Many of our ingredients are local and/or organic. We either buy them directly from producers or grow them in our vegetable garden, which is only 10 miles away. Our daily bread is made with time and sour dough, and we filter water, a much more ecological option than mineral bottled water.