Date: October 31, 2014

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This season’s PLATILLOS




Selection of olives                                                                                                  3 (v, gf)

marinated with lemon and herbs


Cream of parsnip and ginger                                                                                              8 (v, gf, km0)

walnuts and silver beets


Croquettes of Catalan-style spinach (with pine-nuts and sultanas) 4 un.                8 (v, gf, km0)

roasted garlic allioli


Persimmon, broccoli, Ganxet beans, red onion                                                       9 (v, gf)

sake lees and  miso, nori and  kale


Salad of celeri, kohlrabi, escarole, purslane, apple and pomegranate                                 9 (v, gf, km0)

quince and lemon vinaigrette


Buffalo-milk mozzarella, pumpkin and rocket                                                                   9.50 (gf, km0)

black olives and pickles


Beetroot carpaccio with sprouts and cavolo nero                                                   10 (v, gf, km0)

pistachio sauce and Val d’Aran mustard


Tacos dorados of potato and carnitas                                                                                 8 (v, gf)

guasacaca, tomato and coriander sauce, charred lime


Cabbage, cardoon and almond parcels                                                                               11 (v, gf, km0)

creamy lentils


Curry of Jerusalem artichokes, silver beets, romanesco and chickpeas                              10 (v, gf)

sticky rice


Roasted maitake mushroom                                                                                   10 (v, gf, km0)

leek cream, vegetable demi-glace


Autumn: sweet and purple potato, fennel, tempeh, king oyster mushroom                        12 (v, gf, km0)

chestnut cream and crunchy buckwheat


Trinxat (typical potato mash)           of espigall cabbage from Garraf                                             8 (v, gf, km0)

hot kimchi mayo and charred cherry tomatoes


Omelette of purslane and leeks                                                                               9 (gf, km0)

made with 3 free-range eggs


Surf and Turf black rice                                                                                          12 (v, gf)

chanterelles and Galician seaweed


Handmade organic tagliatelle                                                                                              12 (km0)

aubergines, horn of plenty mushrooms and cherry tomatoes


Our cheese selection (vegetable rennet option)                                                      12 (gfo, km0)

three local organic raw milk artisanal cheeses (150gr)


Bread with tomato                                                                                                  3 (v, km0)

Oleum Flumen oil of organic arbequina olive                                                                             gluten free 4 (v, gf)




v : vegan (vo : v optional)

gf : gluten-free (gfo : gf opcional)

km0 : local



Dear customer, our staff will be happy to help you choose the best dish related to any specific food

allergy or intolerance issue.

Some of the dishes may not be available during lunch hours.
Rasoterra is a vegetarian and vegan bistrot certified as 0 miles by Slow Food.
Many of our ingredients are local and/or organic. We either buy them directly from producers or grow them in our vegetable garden, which is only 10 miles away. Our daily bread is made with time and sour dough, and we filter water, a much more ecological option than mineral bottled water.